Herb under microscope exterior

Micro Herb grinder

Get a buzz just looking at it!

$17.99      -     $23.99

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Triple size grind chamber (XL)

L - XL Premium Modular Tool - 4 part, d:2.5", h:2.75 / 1.75"

Many buyers get disappointed when they realize the mini size of the common grind cell.

How about triple size room, so you can keep your grind ready for long activity.

Want it in pocket size? Remove the grind room - the bottom cell is now your storage.

Cewl Bonus - Smell Proof Bag

Wherever you are, wherever you go put your loaded Micro-Herb in the Cewl Black Smell Proof Bag

so the aroma and freshness stay inside hermetically. Even a bloodhound won't guess what's inside.

Worldwide Leading Quality Standard ISO 9001, Including:

Aerospace Aluminum To ensure long term reliable dent-free use.

CNC Thread Micro Precision For easy, silent squeak free operation.

Power Magnet Pivot To ensure firm closure.

59 Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth For long term fresh fluffy aromatic grind.

Washable Stainless Micro Pollen Screen - Enjoy pure and rust free grind.

Scraper - Collect the powder with no waste of finger touch.

Automobile Grade Exterior Print - Maximum protection from abrasion, chips & scratches.

5 Year Warranty Plus 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Get your Micro-Herb today, absolutely risk free. If after thirty days you'll find our promises are not fulfilled send it back and get refunded right away. If you decide to keep it - you are fully covered by 5-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction for years ahead.

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Treat Your Herb With Love or don't do it at All      Micro Herb Grinder


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